What is Hauschka Art Therapy?

The spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner forms the basis of all Anthroposophical therapy. Anthroposophy presents a particular picture which, when put in context with the origin of the human being, gives an overview of the realm of nature, thereby of health and illness. From such a standpoint, another perspective is presented, one based upon the past, present and future of the human being. This all encompassing Anthroposophical vision gives a completeness needed for the therapist to understand the physical, soul and spiritual aspects of the human being, in relation to illness. It only follows that the abyss in which orthodox medicine finds itself in relation to the human soul and spiritual nature, will one day be overcome. The physical human being has a soul spiritual life which needs to be recognised and given opportunity to develop.

The many new impulses and work spheres arising from Anthroposophy in contrast to today’s materialism, often challenge these inadequate systems. It was a German female doctor, who over the years, incorporated into her work these Anthroposophical medical and artistic impulses and who thereby, developed the artistic therapy. This was Frau Dr. Margarethe Hauschka (1896-1980) who established her school for aristic therapy in Bad Boll near Goeppingen Germany. Many therapists have trained there and from this impulse, other schools in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and England have developed.

Hauschka Art therapy consciously arouses active processes of perception, feeling and will in the individual by means of the specific content of the artistic set task. Many imbalances within the complex human organisation become manifest and through strengthening the art work whether drawing, painting or clay modeling, the healing process is set in motion by the patient.

The speedy breathlessness of modern life creates an inner restlessness and via conscious slow deliberate brushstrokes which work on the middle rhythmic system, an inner peace is stimulated in the painting work. Blockages are released and the soul is allowed to breathe afresh. Clay modeling and black and white shading call up will forces which when strengthened, aid decision making and give direction in life. The hardening tendencies of an over strong intellect can be softened and loosened in the flowing colours of water colour painting while the colours themselves add inner nourishment and the themes reconnect the individual with the external world.

Charlotte studied art therapy in England and Germany and has worked in this field since 1982 in private practice with adults and children. Her particular interest in this field is in mental health.


2 thoughts on “What is Hauschka Art Therapy?

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    • Today it is becoming more and more difficult to paint from our imagination. I always look into the colours as they work on the page for inspiration out of the suggested forms. Then I go from there bringing this out more clearly. Something that arises freely is not imposed by the intellect and has a truth about it. It sits in accordance with the laws of the colours themselves.There is much to learn…

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