What is Hauschka rhythmical massage therapy?

Where we find weakened human rhythms for whatever reason, we find ill health. The Hauschka rhythmical massage addresses the rhythmical processes in the body,  in the circulatory and respiratory systems and working via the warmth organisation, brings all bodily functions such as digestion and excretion etc, into equilibrium and harmony. Each cell feels the effect of a new path of streaming warmth and as a result, the human being’s guiding principle, the ego, can organise itself anew.

Based on the Anthroposophical understanding of the human being,  the aim of Hauschka rhythmical massage is to re-establish the harmonisation if the ego, astral. etheric and physical bodies.

With rhythmical movements and specific forms that engage the patient’s own healing forces, the rhythmical massage strengthens the middle rhythmic system countering imbalances in the strength of intellect or the will, the metabolic limb system and thereby reconnects the individual to the greater cosmic rhythms so necessary for life. The massage movements stimulate life giving forces and when specifically directed, can support weakened organs.

The rhythmical grips and strokes are consciously and sensitively carried out in relation to the patient’s individual needs. A cleanliness of line is experienced in a similar way to music reflecting the cosmic forces of order. Special oils are chosen to soften hardening processes or to strengthen weaknesses for example, away from or towards the heart with the strength dependant upon age and condition. The hands ”listen” to the fluidity needs of the glandular processes, the tensions of the nervous system and over the course of massage, bring warmth and life to the patient in a truly healing way.

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research, this new rhythmical massage was developed by Drs. Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka. Rhythmical massage is suitable for everyone from babies, children and teenagers through to adults and the elderly.

Charlotte Rogers studied the massage in Germany and has worked with adults and children as massage therapist  for 30 years in her own private practice.


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