Faith Love and Hope by Karl Konig

Every being of the human race is a patient. Some are nurses, a few are physicians. This is the pyramid of medicine.

The physician is searching for truth which lies behind the disease. The eternal faith in truth will guide the physician.

The nurse gives comfort to the appearance, to the countenance of the sick person. Eternal love will help  the nurse.

The patient is waiting for redemption. Eternal hope will lead the patient.

The Christ is risen and through His resurrection, eternal faith is established on earth.

Christ Jesus walked upon earth and through His life eternal love was founded for mankind.

Jesus Christ was born in a stable and through this birth eternal hope can reign in every human heart.

The faith of the physician

The love of the nurse

The hope of the patient

These three Christian powers may again become the foundations of a new Medicine. This Medicine will then be a Christian way of healing. The christian way to eradicate from earth and mankind the great mother disease: the fall of the human being.

Christ is risen that the physician may act.

Christ walked over the earth that the nurse may help.

Christ was born that the patient may hope.

So may hope live in all of us who are ill.

So may love reign in those who are spending love.

So may faith guide the few who are searching for the truth which lies behind disease.

Karl Konig




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