Anthroposophical Nursing

reception 1
All nurses working with anthroposophical medicine are qualified nurses with state registration. I trained in the Royal Melbourne Hospital and currently am employed in orthodox medicine in the Mid North Coast Area Health Service and aged care. I operate my anthroposophical practice from my home as well as working out into the community.  I use massageherbal teas and decoctions for compresses, inhalations and healing plant oils in my oil dispersion bath apparatus. I use a wide range of plants in my work for example ginger, mustard, lemon and lavender in various forms. These are applied in a gentle, rhythmical unique way and are based on indications given by Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman. The anthroposophical nurse’s  repertoire of treatments is large and includes foot baths, organ compresses and specific organ massages or the rhythmical body oiling. While medicines and therapeutic treatments are prescribed by the anthroposophical doctor, certain remedies can be recommended by the nurse. Her observation and understanding of the human being from the spiritual scientific point of view when combined with the knowledge and experience of these treatments can result in a course of healing appropriate for the patient’s individual needs.The difference between anthroposophical medicine and conventional medicine is that it concentrates on the person rather than the illness.


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