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In January 2015 there was a unique opportunity to boost your health reserves. This was a residential retreat offering health support from a prescribing Anthroposophical practitioner, a curative eurythmist, a psychologist, an art therapist and an Anthroposophical nurse. Basic details listed below –




Every fortnight a Medical study group takes place at Charlotte’s Health Retreat. At present we are discussing Spiritual Science and Medicine by Rudolf Steiner.

In previous years, several members have reworked the translation of Peter Selg’s work Seeing Christ in Illness and health into ‘more readable English’. This is now completed and a most fruitful task it was. Enquiries on this topic are appreciated.

This study group will now also be reviewing Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Occult Physiology’, our last study work.

Time: Tuesdays,  from 10:15am. Morning tea included.




3 thoughts on “News and Events

    • Evie How are you and are you home yet?

      We are planning a retreat here in Bellingen September 21-27th so keep these dates in mind. Be in touch.xc

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