About Charlotte’s Retreat


Health Retreat Bellingen I am a registered practicing general nurse  trained in Anthroposophical nursing. In my health practice Bellingen  northern New South Wales, I offer  Anthroposophical nursing treatments such as foot baths, organ compresses, bath therapy and rhythmical body oilings.

Phone now let us have a confidential chat about your needs so that you can feel better. +61402469699

These I combine with rhythmical massage sometimes known as Hauschka or etheric massage. I am also trained as an art therapist working out of the indications given by Rudolf Steiner and have been working with these disciplines for over thirty years.

As well as working from my home, I am happy to support clients within the comfort of their own homes.

Patients or clients in need of a holiday  can stay here on retreat while undergoing a therapeutic program catering to their specific medical needs as well as a fresh biodynamic/organic diet, exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming and relaxation. I recommend a five to ten day stay if possible. Treatment is optional. Accommodation is available in the main house, in private rooms; ensuite is available if desired.

A brand new self contained one-bedroom cottage is also an option:-

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All the photos on this page are of Charlotte’s Retreat

12 thoughts on “About Charlotte’s Retreat

  1. Looks really lovely Charlotte.
    Of course a picture of the dancing funnelwebs would provide an added attraction.
    Never mind! I wish you well and hope to visit you also in the not too distant future. You see you HAVE to have a home and a car in Australia. Then the skys’ the limit. Otherwise you move to Berlin and rent.
    love, Christopher

  2. I enjoyed 8 days at Charlotte’s retreat.

    The garden is a natural haven – a lush sub-tropical paradise with an abundance of beautiful flowers and magnificent big shady trees.The pool was very refreshing and the fact it was rainwater made it very nice indeed. Also in the garden there are green tree frogs and butterflies.

    My favorite place was the upstairs deck, complete with a day bed you are high up and can enjoy the bird life in the foliage. I had several meditations here (including a couple of naps) and it was here (with incense burning and listening to the frogs one evening) that I found the answers I was looking for to my future life direction.

    The combination of some chats with Charlotte and allowing myself the time to enjoy nature’s calming influence helped me to find my answers inside and the ways to put them into practice.

    We had some fun cook ups and the meals were nice – all in all I got what I needed and found Charlotte to be helpful and flexible.

    Billy Joe Casey 2013

  3. Thankyou Charlotte for a wonderful week.
    I enjoyed 3 amazing massages including a ginger compress and rhythmic oil massages.

    Sitting out in the sun each morning looking over to the Dorrigo ranges ( I think it was?) was so relaxing and calming and an energising start to the day, with sweet little doggies for company.

    Charlotte is an amazing cook with alot of the produce lovingly sourced from her own garden. I enjoyed freshly squeezed juice every morning from her citrus trees.

    Relaxing early nights were the order of the week, after sitting by the beautiful big open fire.

    I especially enjoyed switching off from tv and technology and reconnecting with my love for playing the piano on Charlotte’s beautiful grand piano.

    I feel re-energised, calm, well-rested and focused, ready for my next journey.

    Thankyou beautiful Charlotte – I will be back!
    Sophie June 2013

  4. Some time ago, I came to Charlotte broken in body & spirit. After a range of treatments including oil baths, massage and art therapy, I returned to my family renewed, revived and ready to enjoy life again.
    My gratitude to Charlotte is boundless.

    Robyn Newberry

  5. This is most excellent.!
    Hhhmmm–can’t do it on the DSP-
    But i now know that you are the one to come to for my muscular skeletal issues and organ strengthening/balancing.
    What a find! GREAT!!
    I LOVE Bellingen as well. : )
    I shall start saving.
    How much for one week?

  6. A very welcoming afternoon delight. Beautiful surroundings, tea of note, homemade biscuit in the shape of the Brandenburg Gate, followed with great chatter. Cooled off in the rainwater pool whilst the bamboo swayed gently in the breeze after a busy hot day at the Bellingen Markets.
    Thank you Charlotte for your kind hospitality and wishing you every success with your charming Retreat. Susan (Kiama).

  7. Hello Charlotte I’m interested in a stay at your retreat. Do you have available times in May possibly for the 4-5 days. I’m particularly interested in the food in offer as having a bit of a tummy problem. Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Michelle

      How are you going these days? Any further thoughts? Give me a call, Charlotte Rogers

  8. I stayed with Charlotte for only one night, but I was made to feel right at home and comfortable. I left nourished and feeling more like a friend rather than the stressed out guest I was when I arrived. We shared a lovely meal and good conversation around the enormous central fireplace. I took up the optional extra of a rhythmic massage and it was a wonderful way to destress and relax. Charlotte is a beautiful gorgeous woman and caring host. I stayed in a guest room in the house but there is a wonderful self contained cabin if you prefer. Thanks you Charlotte, warm regards Shelley

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